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If you are not already a member - why not join us and benefit from the opportunity to learn more about respiratory conditions & treatments. Attending events will also give you the opportunity to network with like-minded healthcare professionals.

Just because we are called the Respiratory Nurses Interest Group, it does not mean we do not welcome other disciplines of healthcare professionals. We have some fantastic non nurse members who add to the diversity of our group!

Annual Membership includes:

    Educational Events are held at Concord Hospital Medical School or via Zoom.

    • Free entry to 3 evening seminars a year

    • Reduced fee to attend;

    1 full day RNIG study day

    1 full day TSANZ/RNIG study day

    • Notification of events relevant to Respiratory Nurses

    • Notification of employment opportunities for Respiratory Nurses

    • Meet other health care professionals to exchange ideas, share experiences and support

    All our Educational meetings will have NSW Health guidelines COVID-19 safe strategies in place.

If you wish to attend an RNIG (NSW) Inc event and are not yet a member;
1. Apply to become a member Click Here
2. Have membership approved prior to the event or be invited by the executive committee

Members Special Offer – refer a colleague who becomes a new RNIG member & receive a $5.00 refund on your membership



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