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Why not become a member of the RNIG Facebook Page. Interesting and relevant information/ events are posted here. Give it a try ā€“ let us know what education topics you would like to explore. If you know of a great speaker ā€“ dob them in!

To members of the RNIG committee both old and new; Mary Roberts, Jane Civitico, Mary Dunford, Mayrose Chan, Vinita Swarmi, Julie Curran, Terri Kemp, Rebecca Nagle, Tara Walsh, Sathya Balaguruswamy and Darrin Penola, thank you for your efforts and generosity of time you all donate in order to provide our members with the high-quality education events each year. Without this RNIG would not exist.

Cheers Lucy
Lucy Keatley
President RNIG (NSW) Inc

The Respiratory Nurses Interest Group (NSW) Inc provides a professional forum for its members.

Annual Membership includes:

  • Free entry to 3 evening seminars a year

    Held at Burwood Park Community Centre

    2 Comer Street, Burwood, NSW 2134

  • Reduced fee to attend;

    1 full day RNIG study day

    1 full day TSANZ/RNIG study day

  • Notification of events relevant to Respiratory Nurses

  • Notification of employment opportunities for Respiratory Nurses

If you wish to attend an RNIG (NSW) Inc event and are not yet a member;
1. Apply to become a member Click Here
2. Have membership approved prior to the event or be invited by the executive committee



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RNIG (NSW) Inc Secretariat
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Westmead NSW 2145

E-mail: admin@rnig.org.au
Mob: 0447 644 521
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Website: www.rnig.org.au